Fashion Pakistan Week 2020: Taking the Runway

Are you ready to witness fashion in Pakistan again? Corona has kept us waiting for far too long; not anymore. Fashion Pakistan Week 2020 coming your way!

Prepare yourselves to be blown away as fashion shows make a comeback to Pakistan; are you ready to witness multiple designs? Make sure to mark your calendars as Fashion Pakistan Week 2020 comes your way.

One luxurious showcase after another, whether that is FPW or any other show. Fashion Pakistan Week is known as an event that highlights Pakistan’s beauty, culture, and fashion industry. All year round, people wait patiently for the event to reoccur, as a chance to watch their favorite designers and their new fashion ranges.

Fashion Pakistan Council has recently come to the public and announced their Fashion Pakistan Week 2020 (FPW 2020) to be held by the end of the year in December; 5th and 6th, at a beautiful exotic garden. They further stated that this event is going to be an exclusive affair, with a limited list of attendees; it will present multiple collections in a tropical atmosphere, where the audience can easily watch and review the designer’s work.

Moreover, Fashion Pakistan Week 2020 will be internalizing the digital platform by live-streaming the event right from the venue. Due to the Covid-19 situation and the global pandemic, FPW 2020 will be following International Fashion Week’s trends and GoPs Guidelines by practicing social distancing and limited seating along with traditional fashion week practices.

“This year has taught the world the importance of community, support, and the power of donation. As a not for profit, Fashion Council Pakistan understands the important role donors play in creating successful outcomes. In this spirit, Fashion Pakistan Week 2020 (FPW 2020) will be donating a percentage of our proceeds to Special Olympics, Pakistan,” said Fashion Pakistan Council.

Fashion Pakistan Week 2020 (FPW 2020) has been Pakistan’s first ever formal fashion show, which began in 2007; ever since then, FPW 2020 has become the premier platform for designers and retailers to showcase their outfits. FPW 2020 aims to bring forward fashion by highlighting designs and aesthetics.

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