Fashion Trends That We Might See Pakistani Men Adopting

It is no secret that as times change, so does people' fashion senses. In this article, we predict the fashion trends that Pakistani men could adopt.

The changing times can be quite noticeable in every aspect of society and fashion is no different. What constituted as a style statement back in the day would be considered dated by today’s standards.

What is quite evident is how men’s fashion has evolved significantly. It has gone from being plain and generic to being quite funky and innovative.

As the style honed by men is everchanging, we make our predictions of what changes we can see next year.

1) The rise of the “dad chic” fashion

The “dad chic” fashion is mostly a reference to the style worn by older adult men on a daily basis (basically our dads). However, we see more younger age men adopting this style and wearing it on a daily basis.

One such form of “dad chic” fashion is shalwar kameez. A traditional dress that is worn by adult men on a daily basis. It is only on special occasions like Eid or a wedding do younger guys wear shalwar kameez.

Now, we see how young men are donning the dress on a daily basis, wearing it wherever they go. We can see that trend carrying out to next year.

2)  The Return Of Tie Dye

The flashy and colorful style of clothing has become quite popular among the youth. You see more young men nowadays donning the bright shirt.

What use to be seen as a rarity is now being worn by men at all different places and social gatherings. Based on current trends, we see people continue to don this form of bold and flashy style next year as well.

3) Denim Kurta Pajamas 

Perhaps a trend that one cannot simply ignore as you see it everywhere you go. This style of clothing is a great blend of both local and western influence.

The combination of the two makes for a unique and aesthetically pleasing style of dress that can be worn anytime of the day. As the popularity of this dress grows substantially, we can only see this popularity excel even more in the coming year.

4) The Rise Of Printed Shirt

Printed shirts have become the newest fashion fad and can be seen worn by many men across the country.

You can even see men donning printed shalwar kameezzes, which was something you only saw women wear. As more men continue to don such forms of clothing, it is safe to say that this trend will continue on. We predict that next year, this trend will experience massive growth in popularity.

5) Accessorizing 

What was completely only exclusive to women has now been adopted by men. You see more men nowadays accessorize and wear watches and rings that match their clothes. Many men carefully pick and choose which watch to wear to see if it matches their outfit.

The trend has become mainstream and we believe that it will remain this way for the next year. This just goes to show how much men’s fashion has evolved in recent times.

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