Fawad Chaudhry Says Pakistan Will Send First Person to Space in 2022

The Minister for Science and Technology says that first person from Pakistan will reach space in 2022.

Fawad Chaudhry, the Minister for Science and Technology, has been doing tremendously well in the field of Technology. He has been working in favour of Pakistan to help it gain prosperity in this field. Recently, he launched a moon sighting website which would help Pakistanis figure out Islamic holidays.

We often have disputes regarding Eid and there’s no unity. Everyone celebrated Eid on their own desired day. Now, Fawad has announced his plans to send the first ever Pakistani to space by the year 2022.

Fawad Chaudhry posted a tweet saying:

“Proud to announce that selection process for the first Pakistani to be sent to Space shall begin from Feb 2020, fifty people will be shortlisted — list will then come down to 25 and in 2022 we will send our first person to space, this will be the biggest space event of our history.”

It will definitely be a big achievement for the Pakistan and the people of Pakistan. We need to seriously step up our game in this field and we have high hopes from Fawad Chaudhry. He can make us proud by bringing Pakistan to the top slowly and gradually.