First Intra Afghanistan Talks to Take Place Soon

After coming to peace with the Taliban, now the United States is looking forward to bring peace between the Afghan Government and the Taliban.

Since the last couple of decades, the Afghan Taliban are against the government of Afghanistan. The reason behind this came forward when one Taliban claimed the Afghan Government as ‘US’s Puppet’. The Afghan Taliban had a hard time not only fighting a war against Global War on Terrorism by the US but also fighting against their own very government. And this created havoc for the people of Afghanistan, as they never knew whom to side with. Regardless, now after a 19-year war between the Taliban and the Afghan Government, the Taliban has decided to make peace with the Afghanistan Government.


The meeting is to be held in Doha, according to the sources. Nevertheless, Doha and Qatar have been a mutual place for the US-Taliban talks too, earlier. Now, they will be hosting Intra-Afghanistan meetings to ger over with the long war. As for now, no date, moreover, no exact meeting location has been decided by the two. The Taliban are still waiting for the rest of the Taliban members to be released, as decided per the US-Taliban Deal, or the Peace Deal.

Peace in Afghanistan is really crucial and is, furthermore, important for all the countries. The trade would be easier for countries like China. CPEC would be easily invested in and the road for OBOR will be clear. If Afghanistan comes at peace, sooner or later, the world will come to peace. Especially in regards to terrorism all around the world. However, it is yet to see what and how the meetings turn out to be. And is there a certain decrease in terrorism in Afghanistan.

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