Five Scientifically Proven Tip To Help You Ace Your Upcoming Exams

Exams are right around the corner for many students like me and cramming the whole syllabus is quite hard. So here are five scientific ways to learn.

It’s the time of the year that we all dread the most! Mids, mocks and monthly quizzes followed by finals exams are upon us.

As much as we all hate to remember information overnight and then forget it all five minutes before the exam we all still need to learn it all. So it is best if we learn while using some scientifically proven tips to ace your exams as we all have heard the phrase ‘work smart’.

Here are some ways you can learn your exam syllabus smartly.

1. Space your syllabus out 

As much as we all love to leave everything to the last moment, this isn’t exactly recommended especially for exams. Breaking up material into little bits and revisiting them consistently over a lengthy period of time is a novel learning strategy known as “spaced repetition.”

2. Write down on paper 

It’s not just scientifically proven but even I vouch for this tip as I have used it to study for my exams as well. You should start writing down the most important notes from your lectures on paper. According to studies, writing information down by hand is more secure than typing it on a computer keyboard.

3. Make cafe drinks your best friend 

It’s no surprise that caffeine helps you focus and stay up even if your syllabus is very boring. You can go for tea or coffee. And if you are not the kind of person who is into caffeinated drinks, decaf will work too as long as you have something to drink. According to studies, the caffeine in a cup or two of coffee improves attention and concentration.

4. Sleep away 

Yes, one of the scientific tips to ace your exams is to sleep but that doesn’t mean not studying. It is quite natural to want to pull all-nighters when exams are near and you are under pressure but that doesn’t actually help you remember the syllabus. According to studies, getting a good night’s sleep enhances declarative cognition, or the capacity to retain things on that major exam. So during your exam week or month try sleeping for at least 8 hours daily.

5. Hit the books when you are sleepy

This may seem strange and ill logical according to previous myths of studying for exams in the day so you are fully attentive but this fact has scientific backing behind it. Your brain reinforces fresh memories and stores them in long-term storage while you sleep, so whatever you examine immediately before falling asleep is likely to stick with you.

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