FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi Deters India

Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, gave his statement on the UN backdoor meeting over Kashmir and he quite sternly told India what Pakistan is capable of.

During the UN Meeting in Geneva, China requested conversation over Kashmir. They did this on behalf of Pakistan and the current issues Kashmiris are facing. Pakistanis were quite thankful to Chinese. We all are quite aware of the current situation in Kashmir. Which has now spread a bit to India, where issues have awakened in regards to CAB. The Muslims are facing quite a tough time in both, Kashmir and India. Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, have a statement on the meeting.


He said “It is deeply concerning that missiles are being deployed. Moreover, missile tests being conducted since August illustrate India’s true intentions which can harm regional peace. There is a pattern emerging in their actions”. Shah MQ also emphasized on the deployment of missiles in India, which are being tested every now and then. Which is a hint that India has planned on attacking Pakistan. Although he deterred the intention sternly. “On behalf of the people of Pakistan, I would like to make it clear to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that we are a peaceful nation. But do not make the mistake of forgetting the events of February 27”.

Nevertheless, the meeting didn’t take place. According to UN, they were ‘not ready’ for it. However, at least they are aware that it matters to countries. The atrocities on Muslims from India, is unbearable. Kashmiris have been isolated as all the communication have come to a halt. We can pray that UN takes an action over this issue, as soon as possible.

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