Following Crushing Defeat at the World Cup, Sri Lanka Fires the Cricket Board.

After being defeated by India in a humiliating match, the athletic minister of Sri Lanka decided to fire nation's entire cricket board.

Several days after India’s crushing World Cup loss, athletics minister of Sri Lanka, Roshan Ranasinghe fired the national cricket body on Monday.

Due to claims of widespread misconduct, Ranasinghe and Sri Lanka Cricket, the wealthiest sports body in the economically struggling country, have been at odds for months.

Arjuna Ranatunga, the captain who won the World Cup in 1996, has been named chairperson of a new temporary board, according to a release from Ranasinghe’s office. The release states that Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe has established a temporary council for Sri Lanka Cricket.

A previous board chairman and a former Supreme Court judge are also members of the new seven-person panel. A day before the action, Secretary Mohan de Silva, the second-highest-ranking board member, resigned.

Following Sri Lanka’s humiliation of India, the World Cup organises, by 302 runs last week, Ranasinghe forthrightly called for the resignation of the whole board.

Defending India’s 358 in Mumbai on Thursday, Sri Lanka was down 14-6 at the start and all finished with 55, the fourth-lowest World Cup score in existence. Following incensed rallies on Saturday, the loss sparked a public uproar, and policemen have been stationed before the board headquarters in Colombo.

Authorities from Sri Lanka Cricket have no legal or moral basis to continue in their positions, according to Ranasinghe. He stated, “They should voluntarily resign.” The board, he had earlier claimed, was “a traitor and dishonest.”

Seeking support and understanding, Ranasinghe wrote to all members in good standing of the International Cricket Council (ICC), an organisation that forbids political meddling in cricket, on Saturday.

A three-person committee the minister had created just last month to look into allegations of misconduct at the corporation was compelled to be withdrawn by the ICC because it was thought to be political meddling.

The ICC did not respond right away to Ranasinghe’s most recent action, which involved the removal of a board that had been elected in May and whose president was Shammi Silva, who was serving a third straight term.

Since 1996, Sri Lanka has not won the World Cup, and Ranasinghe has blamed the “deterioration” of norms on the board.

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