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Halo Sport 2 is definitely an electrifying experience to fasten up mind, literally. If you want a luxurious experience then this is the product for you!

What seems to be a sleek headphone, Halo Sports 2 is way more than that. A combination of technology and biology, Halo Sports 2 prime your neurons before any activity, electrifying your tissues before any activity.

The basic reason to have such neuro-primers is to make your learning better and faster than usual. Any person willing to learn something new, whether it be related to studies, or even learning how to play guitar or going in for a physical game, Halo Sports 2 triggers neurons in your brain. Twenty minutes before starting an activity, all one has got to do is put on the headphones and relax yourself out. The neurons will start to excite and fire together, and according to CEO Daniel Chao “if they fire together, they wire together”.

Apart from all the scientific information, one might wonder what it feels like to have this on the head. Well, it is amazing. The ear cups are of the right size, hence fitting perfectly on the ear. And what seems to be like hard spikes are actually electrodes that transfer the current, though are made of a very soft material which feels quite good when worn. However, the electrodes, or as the CEO calls them ‘spikey premiers’, need to be soaked in water for improved conductivity. Along with that are wireless headphones, which connect through Bluetooth to your smartphone, which manages both, music and the app that runs the Halo Sports 2.

What some people worry about is, how dangerous this can be. According to the researches and study on Halo Sports 2, Transactional Direct Current Stimulus (TDSC) is quite safe when used with the least possible side effects on the human body.

All this is available for $399 in United States, which is delivered to any country by paying an extra $39 for the shipping cost, obviously. But Halo has a great offer for the customers. If Halo Sports 2 doesn’t satisfy you or makes you feel better, it’s not an issue. You can return the headset under 30 days, and the shipping will be paid by the company totally. Technology is, indeed, taking over.

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