Hamara Kutta, Kutta. Apka Kutta, Tommy?

Muslims have been labelled as ‘terrorists’ since the event of 9/11. But the issue is that only Muslims are labelled as terrorists.

A sad event took place on 15th March, 2019, at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. This was an act of terrorism, pure terrorism, which involved killing of many people praying Jummah, inside the mosque. With around 50 people dead and almost the same number of people injured in this incident, this incident was one of its type, in a country like New Zealand.

The terrorist, who is an Australian by nationality, named as Brenton Tarrant, was sick of the immigrated Muslims who had come to New Zealand. This all happened when Bangladesh Cricket Team, who was playing a series of cricket match with New Zealand in their home ground, was also in the same mosque. The shooter has already posted about the incident in advance, going live on Facebook as to show everyone the ‘proud work’ he had done so far by killing around 50 Muslims praying peacefully. The video shows how he was welcomed by a Pakistani person, Naeem, who was killed along with his son Talha.

The media and the westerners have been commenting on the incident the whole day, portraying it as an act of violence and not terrorism. The act has been justified as a result of depression the terrorist had due to his father passing away because of cancer. The western media, the politicians have all blamed Muslims for the mass killing of Muslims. Weird, no? The discrimination against Muslims have reached the skyline, making it difficult for Muslims to survive without being harassed, raped, mentally/physically tortured or if none of these then being killed in a foreign country.

We, at Runway Pakistan, are deeply saddened over the act of extremism, radicalism and above all terrorism that took place in New Zealand, and we seek for justice. Let’s wait and see if ICC bans cricket in New Zealand too, as it was done in Pakistan back in 2009.

What do you have to say about this incident?