Fashion Pakistan Week Summer/Spring 19 Day Two Takes the Ramp by Storm

This season, 16 illustrious designers showcased their collections and ensembles. With attention to detail and uber craftmanship, eight pret and retail designers sent their diverse collections down the runway on Day Two.

The show opened with Generation who displayed #NoNonsenseNighat emphasizing the uniqueness of desi culture, followed by Yasmin Zaman’s Zeke – inspired by Van Gogh’s color palette, Nauman Arfeen’s Hur Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai, Gul Ahmed’s take on The Floral Raj, AlKaram’s Mak O Keeffe an all-new MAK collection for the young women; “Lost in the Forest’ by Obaid Sheikh, Boheme by Kanwal also had a nature theme, Saniya Maskatiya ended the day with a beautiful, luxe evening collection.

  1. Generation – #NoNonsenseNighat

Generation opened the show where their ready-made pieces full of color and patterns eluded all the right the spring/summer feels. The collection named #NoNonsenseNighat emphasized the cultural uniqueness of desi culture. From patiala shalwars to parandas, flowers on one side and braids on the other, the models strutted the ramp in sneakers exuding a traditional vibe with an ultra-modern twist. Each Generation outfit was a personification of unadulterated Pakistani style, created for the 21st century woman. A total of 15 ramp to retail pieces chosen from collections that embody Nighat’s unabashed distinct style yet stayed quintessentially desi were showcased.

  1. Yasmeen Zaman – Zéke

Yasmeen Zaman’s bespoke creations catered to destination weddings in particular. Her collection named Zéke and pronounced Ziy-k, from Aramaic roots, meaning ‘shooting star’ and ‘spark’ was inspired by the colors of Van Gough’s starry night. Silhouettes included fluid and layered looks with a few structured pieces. Prominent colors that ruled the runway were yellow ochres, burnt oranges and a myriad of playful tones of blue. The color palette was perfect, with a nod to cruise/resort collections, to mark Spring/Summer trends. Integrating techniques like traditional hand block printing and marble dying, her collection clearly highlighted her brand strengths, hand embellishments and sensibility of mixing a riot of colors. Hira Tareen was the showstopper for Yasmin Zaman.

  1. Nauman Arfeen – Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai

Nauman Arfeen set the stage ablaze with his ultra-modern take on fashion. Famous for fashion designing for all genders and ages, the collection catered to those looking to amp their look an extra mile. With owl motifs embroidered on outfits and denim tops paired with owl printed pants, his designs were unique, intricate, trendy and very wearable. The phrase all denim everything perfectly described the collection pieces that were showcased. He played with cotton and denim mostly, giving the line a chic, summery feel. Inspired by nature and its surroundings, owl was the most dominant element in the collection, hence the name. Faisal Qureshi was the showstopper for Nauman Arfeen.

  1. Ideas Pret – The Floral Raj

The Floral Raj was based around the theme of Victorian Glasshouse meets Mughal art. Victorian glasshouses brought hothouse luxuries into the realm of the affordable. Similarly, Ideas Pret brought high fashion within the reach of a wider audience. The design team translated this concept by emulating the exuberance, exploration and experimentation of the Victorian era. The result was a collection of luxury east/west fusion mixed and matched in myriad ways. Dominant colors were mostly pastels from pink, light tones of blue and purple to ivory mixed with gold and silverwork, the color palette was totally Spring and Summer festive. Bell sleeves, bell bottoms, flappers, breezy cool blues, and brown belts were all on display as models strutted down the ramp. The collection combined intricate embroidery and signature prints that drew inspiration from Mughal miniatures, botanical motifs and linear architectural elements that represent Victorian glasshouses. The contemporary silhouettes of the collection were steeped in local craftsmanship and emulated the vibrancy of the Victorian era. From peplums and corset tops to voluminous sleeves, touches that are redolent of the style of that period, were subtly placed throughout the show.

  1. AlKaram – MAK O Keeffe

After a long hiatus from fashion week, AlKaram came back with a bang unveiling their new line MAK O Keefe. The collection was inspired by the revolutionary artist, modernist and fearless visionary – Georgia O’ Keeve.

Her unique compositions were the inspiration for the distinct use of color, florals, skulls and landscapes as shown in the collection debuted on day two. The collection created by Ather Hafeez aimed to establish AlKaram as a brand of the timeless, young millennial women to feel empowered and stay true to her convictions.  The pieces were like a breath of fresh air: abstract, comfortable, and soft to the eyes, yet stylish in the most uber chic way. The showstopper for this collection was Noor Khan.

  1. Obaid Sheikh – Lost in the Forest

Inspired by the beauty of Nature, the collection named, “Lost in the Forest” took its audience on a journey through the woods. With all the right shades of green and rust brown, the collection was totally out of the ordinary. With his designs, cuts and looks he brought the forest to life and onto the ramp as models walked down in elaborately detailed ensembles. Fahad Mirza was the showstopper for Obaid Sheikh.

  1. Boheme by Kanwal – Mystic

“Kun Faya Kun” – inspired by Sufism, this collection was all about beauty and love. The free flowing, unrestrained cuts reflected freedom. The textures, colour palette, and motifs exuded a mystical aura, taking you deep into the world of Sufism.

It was a celebration of elegance and charm. Shadow work, simplistic ensembles, tones of white and ivory, mystic creatures on the runway – all in all the 14-outfit show was a perfect transition to the final show of the night. The gorgeous Sanam Saeed stole the spotlight as the showstopper.

  1. Sania Maskatiya – Luxe Evening Wear

This Luxe Evening Wear collection had everyone swooning. The collection shimmered into the spotlight with iridescence, and the energy of this landmark collection was eluded by the luxurious fabrics and metallic colors. Influenced by elements from Pakistan’s heritage and nouveau, there was subtle beauty to the collection outfits as a whole. Embodying the signature Sania Maskatiya intricate embellishments and fusion silhouettes, this collection created a memorable finish to day two of Fashion Pakistan Week.