We have seen quite many concerns in our society but have we done anything to overcome those issues?

As we walk out of our homes, schools, offices, universities, we come across many places that are filled with trash. We, blame the government, we blame our higher authorities but we ourselves never think of standing up and cleaning it ourselves. Or to put it in a better way, we never think about it when we, ourselves, are littering the environment in the first place.

In a world full of ignorance, a boy stood up, cleaning a place that looked like a forest where people had littered around. Since then, there are many people who cleaned as much as they could around them, making earth a better place to live.



We, definitely, are so ignorant about littering the society that we unconsciously just throw things out of our moving vehicles, out of our windows at home, and on the street while walking. After we correct ourselves, then only we can blame the authorities.

What do you think?