Here Are Some Important Tips On How To Spot Fake Friends

Through this article, we advise you on the various ways by which you can spot disloyal and fake friends. People that you need to cut out from your life.

There is nothing worse in this world then having a bunch of fake friends. People who are never loyal to you nor do they care about your feelings.

These are people who, without hesitance, would backstab you and have no regrets about it. However, the question remains is how do we spot such individuals before they do us harm.

Well fear not. We have come up with this article highlighting the various tips by which you can spot such fake friends.

1) They Will Not Try Their Best To Keep In Touch With You

Regardless of distance, people still find ways to overcome those barriers and still be a part of your life. Such people are truly, in every essence of the word, real friends.

On the other hand, fake friends will do the opposite. Regardless of the distance, these people will not try their best to stick around in your life. In fact, they will try their level best to ignore you and avoid contact with you.

These people will avoid picking up your calls and not bother to respond to all the text messages you send to them.

2) They Will Never Be There For You When You Need Them The Most

The best way of gauging whether your friends are real or fake is by seeing if they will be there for you when you are at your lowest.


Real friends will always be there to support you and stick by your side when you are going through hard times.

However, fake friends will always be absent during these tough times. Such people will justify their absence by coming up with lame excuses that do not make any sense.

3) They Only Contact When They Want Something

Ever noticed that such people will never call or text you to know what’s happening in your life. The only time these people will contact you is when they want something from you.

Whether its for help regarding some work or request for money, these people are just purely selfish. They only see you as a means to an end and nothing else.

This serves as a great indicator of how disingenuous someone is to you and how they don’t value your friendship.

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