Hira Mani’s comments create controversy

Hira Mani claims that husbands who taunt their wives to lose weight are justified.

Hira Mani has recently created controversy with her remarks about weight loss.

During a television appearance, she claims that husbands who taunt their wives about weight loss are justified. She believes that husbands who do so are helping women to “maintain their bodies”.

Hira Mani’s comments that her husband (Salman Saqib) often taunts her about her weight. Hira Mani says that he always compares her to Bollywood actresses and tells her why can’t she be like them.

She says; “Mani would often say look at Katrina, look at Kareena – well, even Kareena is fat now – look at Deepika! I keep telling him that I am not Deepika or Katrina. I have two kids! He taunts. But I think that’s fair too. Husbands who taunt their wives are justified in doing so if it helps women to lose their weight.”

Hira Mani's comments

In response. Salman Saqib claims that Hira Mani also taunts him as well about weight loss. He says; “She taunts me as well now. She says look at Hrithik, look at Shahid. So now, I have to lose weight as well.”

Hira Mani’s comments about husbands being justified in taunting wives about their weight loss are unsurprising. The actress has made many problematic and bizarre remarks in the past.

During the controversy surrounding Aryan Khan, she had made some bizarre statements on Instagram.

Hira Mani had said, “Mera Piyara Sa Bacha Bahir Aa Gaya, Allah Apka Lakh Lakh Shuker Mubarak!!”  The comments had led her to being ridiculed online by the general public in Pakistan.

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