How to Identify You Are in A Toxic Relationship

There is nothing worse than a toxic relationship, it affects us mentally, emotionally, and physically which is why we must know how to identify it.

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like there is something off with your significant other? Or that things just don’t feel right anymore? Often we try to ignore the toxic and wrongful parts in our relationships by shrugging them off as our overthinking.

We try so hard to make ourselves believe that there could be nothing wrong with the person we love, even though, all they seem to do is disappoint us or hurt us; if you relate to any of the things mentioned above, there is a high chance that you are in a toxic relationship.

In simpler terms, a toxic relationship directly affects your self-esteem, your happiness, and the way you view yourself. Even though your relationship started great and you two were inseparably in love, relationships grow and evolve with time and it is not always in a positive way. If your partner gives off toxic energy or vibes, there is a high chance that he or she will end up polluting your relationship due to several reasons such as unmet needs, bad history, etc.

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

The question you may wander upon is how do you identify that you are in a toxic relationship? Here are a few common signs that you’re in a toxic relationship:

  • Lack of Support: they’re just not there for you anymore, sometimes you need someone close to you to root you on or just be there for moral support.
  • Unhealthy Communication: you just don’t talk properly anymore, its always hostile or criticism. You can’t seem to have a normal calm conversation anymore. This is one of the signs of a toxic relationship.
  • Resentment: holding onto grudges is never healthy and only makes a relationship more toxic.
  • Ignoring Your Needs: by this point, you’ve stopped saying what you want because there’s no point. They don’t seem to care about what you want any more, and your needs are no longer important.
  • Too Much Effort: it feels like you’re the only one investing effort into this relationship and it has become more a burden rather than something you enjoyed.
  • Always Blaming You: the most prominent trait of a toxic relationship is that they always find a way to blame you, to victimize themselves, and make you feel terrible. Whatever the problem at hand, they will somehow find a reason to blame you.
  • Playing Victim: your toxic partner probably loves to portray themselves as someone who has faced too many hardships and that no matter what the situation, they’re always the victim.
  • Turning Problems in a Competition: when you’re in a relationship, you want to be able to share your hardships and talk about them with your significant other. However, in a toxic relationship, their problems are always much worse than yours. They’ve had it way tougher than you and you complaining shouldn’t be an option since they have seen way worse.

Can I Fix My Relationship?

We could probably keep going on with the signs of a toxic relationship, there are too many. Moving on, now that you have identified that you are in a toxic relationship- can you somehow fix it?

Even though it is always best to resolve things maturely and effectively communicate your differences to save your relationships. Toxic relationships, however, do not seem to work that way. As mentioned before, communication within a toxic relationship is already so tight there is probably very little chance of being able to conclude.

While we do suggest that before making any life-altering decisions, you put your foot down and communicate all the issues that have been bothering you and whatever you think is going wrong with your relationship. If that doesn’t seem to get you anywhere, the only way to ‘fix’ a toxic relationship is to walk out.

Toxic relationships are nothing but a burden, they take a gigantic toll on our mental, emotional, and physical health. You should know your worth, and always put yourself first instead of letting others push you around.

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