How Unsafe is Yemen in Context to COVID-19?

At last, one case of COVID-19 has emerged in Yemen, which had been running safe since a long time. What happens now?

Yemen has never been a stable country. Always stuck being a warzone, the country, since the beginning has been into war. US, Saudi Arab, and Iran, every one of them wants their governance over the country. Owing to this, there have been several thousand deaths in Yemen, mostly due to civil war. And not only war, there have been even more deaths due to poverty and famine in the country. Hence, such a country, a third-world, war struck country, is in no position to fight the COVID-19 disease, at any cost.

There has been one case of COVID-19 in Yemen. This one case can lead to an unhelpable situation, as for now, no humanitarian aids can enter Yemen. And who is going to look after Yemen? The Doctors, mostly, have fled the country as they were threatened, murdered and kidnapped during the time of war between Saudis & Houthis in Yemen. The health facilities in Yemen had been attacked and many of the hospitals were destroyed. A country, who can’t even yet get out of Cholera, because of lack of treatment how can it overcome COVID-19?

Moreover, for such an underdeveloped country, it would be nearly impossible to have a firm control on the outbreak. And if Yemen gets effected with it, the results might be worse than that of Italy or the United States. The patient zero in Yemen should be strictly quarantined and people around him should also be checked, before it starts spreading out and killing people. And the World Health Organization should also look into the matter, as they can help Yemen fight this situation. May God help and bless the world. Ameen.

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