Hunza to open discussion on ecotourism

Indispensable need for perseverance and maintenance of Hunza

Hunza, a mountainous valley situated in gilgit baltistan of pakistan is a huge tourist attraction for the country. Having the three highest mountain ranges; karakoram, himalaya, hindukush and large glaciers, it is quite unique and prominent. Therefore its perseverance and maintenance is essential for the continuance of the large number of sightseers.  

For this purpose a three day international conference on ecotourism will begin in karimabad area of hunza on thursday 27th june’19 which  Serena hotels is all set to host.The event is to be organized by the karakoram international university under its public diplomacy initiative, located in karimabad hunza.

 The conference will be attended by over 250 experts and the president of pakistan Dr. arif alvi will be present as the chief guest at the concluding of the event. The overseas participants include representatives from malaysia, tanzania and slovenia.  Experts attending the conference will present research papers and convey lectures on ecotourism to a diverse audience which will include students, civilians, activists, politicians and policy makers.

There will also be stalls exhibiting information on tourism and the delegates will be given tours to attabad lake and passu glacier. 


In this regard a pre-conference media brief session was held at KIU campus gilgit on 24th june’19.

There the vice chancellor of karakoram international university Dr attaullah shah explained to a reporter that the people of hunza were endangered and unsafe from changes in climate, especially floods and landslides etc. 

“Tourism strengthens ecology and natural beauty of a region. Though we cannot stop tourists from coming here, we have to teach them not to harm our environment,”

 “It is high time to teach and train tourists about not damaging the fragile and sensitive environment of our region,” he said.

The main purpose of the conference is to generate recognition and understanding of sustainable ecotourism among people from all over the country.

The VC said that countries making this effective and working to make sure their environment is secure are earning a large income from their tourism sector.