Hush Puppies And Peshawar Zalmi Sign A MOU

Hush Puppies has signed a MOU with Peshawar Zalmi that makes it the team's official footwear partner ahead of PSL 7.

Hush Puppies and Peshawar Zalmi have come together to form a partnership based on mutual respect and understanding.

The two have signed a MOU that makes Hush Puppies the team’s official Footwear Partner. They would provide them with the highest quality footwear.

The private ceremony was attended key individuals from both the team and footwear providers. These included the team’s CCO Nausherwan Effandi, Brand Manager Ahad Khan, Head of Digital Daniyal Ali and Marketing Manager Maaz Khan.

Representing the footwear company were Managing Director Qasim Mohammad, Head of Merchandising Rizwan Siddiqui, Head of Brand Marketing Meshaal Danish and Head of Retail Imran Baloch.

Hush Puppies and Peshawar Zalmi sign a MOU

Previously, Peshawar Zalmi had come out with their own clothing brand called “Zalmi”. Celebrities such as Mahira Khan and Esra Bilgic along with the team’s players Wahab Riaz, Shoaib Malik and Kamran Akmal had donned the brand’s clothes.

The partnership will allow the footwear giant to showcase Pakistani culture with an innovative take on the classic designs. The shoes will come out in February 2022.

In relation to the partnership, the Head of Marketing Meshaal Danish expressed her excitement for the prospect. She said, “At Hush Puppies, we love partnering with people who are change makers, and the Zalmi team is an excellent example of that. This marks a great moment in partnership for the industry.”

The CCO of Peshawar Zalmi Mr. Nausherwan Effandi had this to say, ” With an increasing fanbase, consistent performances on the field and getting record brand & media evaluation from Nielson Sports, it makes sense for Peshawar Zalmi to work with the market leaders of every category. Peshawar Zalmi has been very selective of partnering with brands who understand our brand ideology. Hush Puppies compliments what Zalmi is all about and we look forward to our collaboration with them”.

Managing Director Hush Puppies Mr. Qasim Mohammad, added “Zalmi inspires people and brings them together, which is exactly what Hush Puppies aims to do. This is our part in making sure the sportsmen and women of Pakistan are given the recognition they deserve.”

Rizwan Siddiqui, Head of Merchandising, also said “Hush Puppies’ focus on premium materials is an important factor in footwear, therefore we at Hush Puppies always work in innovating our technologies and making it more comfortable for our consumer”.

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