IBA viral video and Pakistanis intolerance towards difference

How the latest viral video exposed Pakistani's intolerance.

Recently, The IBA viral video has become the center of attention on social media across the country.

The video itself has sparked outrage across the nation, with many condemning the event and its participants. Many on social media claimed that such students should be expelled from university.

Now the question you might all be asking is what was in that video? What content did it feature which led to this uproar from the masses? The answer is simple.

The IBA viral video was nothing more than a party where students from the LGBT community were dancing. These students were just merely partying and jamming along to their favorite tunes.

However, the simple fact that these people belonged to the community was enough to outrage the masses. Many thought that the IBA LGBT party was helping “promote” homosexuality in the country.


IBA viral video

The IBA LGBT party has once again exposed the growing intolerance in this country.

People are so enraged by the actions of others, that they are willing to put them through harm and humiliation. Despite the fact that their actions have no bearings on their life what so ever.

People are so enraged by others sexuality, that just the mere existence of it, fuels massive hate within themselves.

This can all be exhibited by the hateful comments directed towards the students that attended the IBA LGBT party.

As someone who believes in tolerance and inclusion, such sorts of outrage is just wrong. Rather than focusing on issues that cause harm, we rather spend our time making an issue of something that is not a big deal.

IBA viral video

I believe that we as a nation, need to be more compassionate to those who are different from us. How other people are and how they express it, is really not our concern.

It is also most certainly not something that we should spend our time trying to curtail or stop. Simply because who someone is attracted is not something that one can control.

In short, people need to mind their business and not harass those who were part of the IBA LGBT party. We should all learn to be tolerant and understanding of differences regardless of our religious convictions.

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