Instagram Will Be Hiding Likes & Followers

Instagram shall be hiding likes and maybe it's going to be effective in Pakistan in the next update.

Instagram has introduced this new experiment which was implemented in Canada in April. It basically hid public likes so people who had public accounts, their likes were not visible to anyone except them. On Wednesday, Instagram added more countries such as Italy, New Zealand and many others into this experiment. It is unknown whether they’ll bring this new experiment into Pakistan.

The whole idea behind hiding likes is to maintain the mental wellbeing of their users. People were competing for likes and it was putting a toll on their mental health which is why Instagram took notice of all the effects that their apps had on its users so that they can improve their performance. Bloggers have been concerned over this experiment which will probably become a new feature as these bloggers and influencers rely on likes.

Many said that it’s okay as brands who hire influencers based on their followers do not really care about likes but focus on their engagement and reach. This is the reason influencers may not disappear totally, as these stats will remain the same. Studies have shown that all these likes and comments affect the wellbeing of their users and also lead to bullying.

Maybe this will be a positive change for all the users and they will focus on the photos and videos uploaded and not actually care about the likes received. It will make people realize that no matter what you upload, as long as it’s relevant and meaningful then it’s good to go. If your content is loved by people then you won’t really care about the number of likes received.

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