Iran, a Nuclear State?

Iran is being oppressed by United States, through sanctions, imposed against uranium production. But things have changed now.

Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the nuclear deal, included many countries that was against the production of uranium. It was basically to release Iran from international sanctions where, in return, Iran had to reduce its production of uranium. This deal was supported by P5+1 (Russia, UK, United States of America, China, France and Germany). Along with agreeing to inspections of nuclear sites, they also agreed upon halting the enrichment of uranium. The deal was made under Obama’s government, however when Trump became the POTUS, he backed off from the deal, re-installing sanctions on Iran.

Recently, the spokesman for Atomic Energy Organization, Iran (AEOI) let out words that Iran will be producing uranium at the usual pace of 300KG and will surpass it too, at lower levels. The President of Iran gave an ultimatum to the remaining countries to bring USA back so that the sanctions could be again be lifted which would allow Iran to trade oil easily. The Iranians have given an ultimatum because they do not want to lose the support from European countries, however if they do not come upon the given, actions will be taken. As to what Kamalvandi said “There is still time… if European countries act”.

The tensions between Iran and United States are never to ease down, not until the POTUS changes. Nuclear deal has kept Iran from oil trade as well from the production of uranium, but for the time being Iran has been acting calm about it. If things get out of hands, it can turn tables for both of the countries and their allies.