Iran Likely To Open up Mosques in Low-Hit Areas

Iran is most likely to open up its mosques in less corona hit areas, as they think it is the need of time.

Slowly and gradually, the world is getting back to normal. People are returning back to their daily routines. And things are normalizing, as the countries are realizing that the number of patients is decreasing day by day. However, it is depending from country to country. Where on one hand, the number of patients is decreasing in the US, there, it is increasing in Pakistan. However, few countries have already recovered from the COVID-19 outbreak, like China, where things have already gotten back to normal. Meanwhile, Iran has also announced to open up a few mosques, initially, around the country.

Iran is one of the worst-hit countries in the Middle East. With around 6,200 deaths all around the country, Iran was badly struck in the beginning. However, the graph has now started to decline, slowly and gradually. Although few malls and shopping centers were temporarily closed, President Rouhani ordered to open up a few mosques around the city. According to him, 132 countries are doing so. “Social distancing is more important than collective prayer,” he continued. Hence, Iran is only opening selected mosques, in areas that are consistently corona free.

Nevertheless, Iran is still avoiding to open public places like gyms and barbershops. Moreover, President Rouhani told Iranis, that situation might turn back. “We will continue the reopenings calmly and gradually,” Rouhani said. However, he added, that they Iranis should prepare for bad situations.


It is yet to see what happens of corvid-19 in Iran. If looking at it from a macro perspective, one might see the destruction it has already caused. Not only in Iran, or the underdeveloped countries. But countries like the USA, have also failed completely. The only solution for all of us is to stay in quarantine, till this gets over completely.

May God help us all.

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