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Hasan Rivzi, a well-known personality, is the CEO of Body Beat Group under which comes a PR & events agency, content house and a fitness center.

Hasan Rivzi is the CEO of Body Beat Group under which comes a PR & events agency, content house and a fitness center. He’s also well known in the industry and has years of experience in the field.

Interview Questions

1.We know you’re CEO of the Body Beat Group. Tell us more about it.

Body Beat Group is the umbrella company for Body Beat PR which is our PR and events agency. Our content house is Cvirus. Body Beat Recreational Center is a recreational and fitness center and lastly, we also have our own digital wing.

2. What would you have chosen as a career if you were not in this field?

There’s so much that I wanted to do. I feel like we only have one life and unfortunately, we have to choose one career path but I definitely would have pursued Physics, Law and Fashion.

3. Heavily played music on your playlist right now.

I’m not much of a music listener, very surprising with an ex-choreography background. I’m not a music listener or downloader rather I like to piggy bank off of other people’s playlists.

4. How do you start your day?

I start my day with a prayer, then I shower and have a healthy breakfast.

5. Would you mind telling us a bit about your family?

There’s me, my wife and three kids. I have 9-year-old twins and a 10-month-old baby. We live next door to my parents and my sister. We live in the same house as my brother and his family.

6. How do you balance work and family?

It’s tough but if you’re organized, plan things & time things and if you’re true to time then you should be able to manage both. It’s very doable; if I can do it then anyone can do it.

7. What’s something you don’t want to be doing in the next 10 years?

Working out. I want to be fit as hell, and not needing to work out as much as workout now to get to my goal.

8. Something you’ve learned the hard way?

Don’t get attached too easily. Don’t attach emotional strings too fast. It’s always a lose-lose situation for both parties.

9. Why are you referred to as the ‘PR Guru’?

Thank you very much, very flattered. What sets us apart is that we think out of the box and we like to push boundaries. I think people see that and recognize that and that’s why they keep coming back to us for more work.

10. Do you think social media can replace traditional media?

For sure, it’s going to take some time but eventually, it will. In the west, the migration has already taken place as it’s a 50/50 split share. In Pakistan, there’s a huge difference between traditional and social media but in another 15-20 years or so, the shift will happen and I think everyone and the brands recognize that.

11. How do you work your PR Magic?

Again, I just try to think out of the box, I try to get my team to work more, to research and come up with ideas that truly hit the nail.


Rapid Fire:

1.What is the most important object you own?

Laptop and cellphone

2. What simple change could you make in your life that would have the biggest positive impact?

Stop smoking and drink more water

3. What job would you be absolutely horrible at?

Ironing and cooking

4. What movie has everyone else seen but you haven’t?

I haven’t seen any of the films.

5. What’s the next big thing?

Well, you’ll find out but yeah, we are planning to expand internationally and I think that’s the next big thing on our agenda.

6. Who do you admire the most?

Professionally, my sister and personally, my parents.

7. What is one thing that annoys you the most?

Lazy people and people who find excuses.

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