Is Beirut Blast a Mere Accident?

Beirut became a victim of a huge explosion on Tuesday, August 4th 2020, which killed several people and thousands of other people injured. But was it what it actually looked like?

On 4th August 2020, Lebonan shook to its core, when a blast took off in its capital, Bierut. A fire erupted in a warehouse initially, which was followed by a blast in the same vicinity. The second blast was way too strong and took everything under it, which surrounded the warehouse. The blast was so huge, that the shockwaves were felt in the outskirts of the city. Nonetheless, the blast claimed the lives of almost a hundred people, whereas 4000 people are heavily wounded.


According to the news, the blast took place because of the stored Ammonium Nitrate in a warehouse facility. It was quite evident to the government, that the storage was dangerous for people living in that particular area. Little did they knew that it would result in such a big catastrophe. That Ammonium Nitrate came in Beirut, by mistake. It was to be offloaded in Mozambique, however, due to technical issues on the ship, it was forced to be offloaded in Beirut. The ship had sailed from Georgia, however, never reached its destination.

But if we look at this incident, it seems like another accident that shook the whole world. But if we see, Beirut had one of the most dangerous substances stored in its warehouse for quite many years. Countries don’t store oil, because of a possible threat from enemy countries. There are possibilities that Bierut blast isn’t another accident but a pre-planned action carried out by an enemy country, most probably, Israel. And keeping in view, that Lebonan hosts Hezbollah, which is already an enemy to many, such a case is very much possible.

Whatever the case be, there was a lack of security measures taken by the government. 200,000 people have lost their homes. We hope no such incident takes place ever again.

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