Is Israel Being Too Overwhelmed?

Israeli Minister for Regional Co-operation issued a statement boasting against killing of Iranians in Syria and that is quite an incitement to a probable war.

The Israeli Minister of Regional Co-operation ‘Tzachi Hanegbi’, in an interview with an Israeli Radio Station, stated that “Israel is the only country in the world that has been killing the Iranians for two years. We strike the Iranians hundreds of time in Syria. Sometimes we acknowledge it and sometimes foreign reports reveal it”. So proud was Israel and was so confident over this that they had an idea that no one will be raising a question against their statement.

Israeli Minister discusses the killing of Iranians in Syria
Picture Courtesy: Al – Jazeera

On the contrary, Iran’s Press TV tweeted “This is how Israelis are freely and proudly talking about killing Iranians! Just imagine what would happen if it was the other way around!” When questioned if Iran will be responding to the statement, Hanegbi said “Iranians are very restrained in their responses and it’s not because they don’t have abilities, but because they understand that Israel means business”.

At the moment, Iran itself is in the middle of a mayhem. With the gulf tensions arising and the withdrawal of USA from the nuclear deal, Iran is sorting out things for themselves as they have been almost isolated from the world. Russia might be the only country who is accepting to fight alongside Iran. However, Israel has America as its ally along with Saudi Arabia playing a side role in this whole game, as they would love to see Iran fall to pieces. If Iran continues sidelining themselves from petty issues and focus on the major ones they might be able to retain themselves on the same position they are at, at the moment. One small mistake might create a big havoc amongst the countries.

It is possible that a war might break out between Iran and the enemies, but that would result in nothing but loss of human life, ONLY. It is yet for us to see what happens in the coming future.