Is Kamala Harris Just Another Vote Gainer?

Kamala Harris would be running for elections side by side to Joe Biden, as the Vice President of United States of America. That came completely unseen, for sure.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are running for the US 2020 Elections as the Presiden of the United States. The war between the Democrats and the Republic has been a long on-going war, which settles for nothing. Now, Donald Trump has stood for yet another tenure in the United States of America as the POTUS. Against him stands Joe Biden of the Democratic Party, and has higher chances of winning the elections this time. Along with Donald Trump, Mike Pence would be running for the Vice President of the US. However, Joe Biden went for something different. He brought in an unexpected fellow who was a former Prosecutor, Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris, who was born and brought up in the United States only, is half Indian and half American. Her parents got divorced when Kamala was at a very young age. Since then, her mother brought her up, and Kamala entered into politics, after graduating from Haward University. Although, Kamala & Biden had a difference of opinion over a few things, yet later ended up in the same place.

For Biden, Kamala can prove to be a very strong support. Ms. Harris won’t be the only first female Vice President of the US, but would also be amongst the handful of Black Americans who became the VP. Joe Biden won’t only have the support of leading women activists but also of the Black Americans residing in the United States.

Joe Biden is already leading the league, and there are high chances of him being the next POTUS. We hope, his rules and his way of working is different from that of Trump’s and tension in the world, which is mostly because of US, shortens down. Best of luck to the two competing.

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