Is Resuming Social Activities in Pakistan a Good Idea?

Covid-19 has changed the way the entire world functions. However, resuming social activities is a risk within itself- one which Pakistan is willing to take.

Ever since March 2020, Pakistan has been in lockdown and had paused all social activities such as theme parks, cinemas, parks, etc. Any place that would entertain a large crowd, that too without social distancing was shut down temporarily. We can’t help but wonder is resuming social activities in Pakistan a good idea?

The lockdown has drastically affected the economy, with most of the industry put a halt, there was barely any cash flow. This was a striking problem for Pakistan especially given our economic deficit position; so, to stabilize the economy and begin cash flow again, the government decided to open certain sectors within the industry.

It started with resuming offices and all workplaces, then slowly moved onto other social activities such as restaurants and local shops were allowed to operate as long as they were following proper SOPs. By the 15th of September, the Government of Sindh had also announced to reopen all educational institutes and it all happened accordingly.

However, as normal functions prevailed, and life was back on track the people of Pakistan seemed to forget that Covid-19 was an ongoing issue in Pakistan. They wholeheartedly embraced resuming social activities in Pakistan, with little regard to the SOPs or any preventative measures.

As if this wasn’t enough, Cinepax has announced that it will be resuming operations from today and is now open for services. Normally, we would be on top of the moon to hear such news and be able to go enjoy a movie at the cinema. Even though they promise to ensure complete SOPs and multiple safety checks, we can’t seem to see the good in this decision- it is a huge risk and must be reviewed several times.

As soon as Pakistan and its educational institutes reopened, it has caused a sudden spike in corona cases and risked many lives. Over 22 institutes have been sealed over Pakistan because of the rise in corona patients. When the news of Cinepax reopening surfaced, it only worried us further since resuming social activities in Pakistan was not a good idea; as can be seen from the outcome of the decision.

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