Israel Palestine & Iraq – Tri Dilemma

Israel has been attacking Palestine and Iraq, consecutively, and we can say Israel might be initiating a war here.

Israel always had issues with Iran, and now they are coming forward with more. Iraq and Palestine had been hit simultaneously, in the last few days. The drone attacks were apparently from Israel, which means Israel is looking forward to a war.

Israel allegedly has attacked two different areas. One on a Shiite backed Hezbollah site in Beirut near Syrian border killing two Hezbollah soliders. Another attack took place in Western Iraqi town of Qaim killing one of the commanders. US has condemned the attack and is keeping a probability that one one attacks might be from Israeli drones.

Picture Courtesy – Al-Jazeera

According to the Lebanese President, Michel Aon, “What happened is equal to a declaration of war and gives us the right to defend our sovereignty, independence, and the safety of our land We are people who seek peace and not war, and we don’t accept that anyone to threatens us though any means.” Hasan Nasrallah has warned Israel saying if any drone enters the region will be shot down immediately.

On the other hand, Iraqi, themselves are quite furious over the event. Beirut has also called the airstrikes as a ‘declaration of war’. However, Pentagon has denied any such movement. They have also promised corporation. But the question that arises is, what is US Army still doing in Iraq? If they came in and went back in 2011 and came back in 2014 as to defeat ISIS/ISIL. When they claim to have already defeated ISIS, what is around 5,000 troops doing in Iraq?

“While we reserve the right to respond to these Zionist attacks, we hold the international coalition, particularly the United States, fully responsible for this aggression which we consider a declaration of war on Iraq and its people,” the statement by the Fatah Coalition said.

Hezbollah and Iran might get in conflict with Israel if the issue escalates. This will evolve in to an even bigger war. That will involve Iran, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, USA and Russia, directly or indirectly. Hope things don’t go that far because the world is looking for peace and not war.