Israel Targets Hamas in Gaza Strip

Israel has been continuously attacking Gazans, and the war between the two continue till date.

Gaza is a small strip on the east of Israel and west of the Mediterranian Sea. The 365 Km sq. strip comes under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Government. Hence, the issues of Israel with Gaza are the same as those with Palestine. Israel has been under severe conflict with Palestine over territorial disagreements. In 2005, although the Israelis had withdrawn their forces from Gaza, yet later, after Hamas overtook the protection of Gaza, Israel sanctioned Gaza. They closed the border, cut down the power and stopped trade in the territory.

In 2008, Hamas & Israel signed a truce for 6 months, that on ending wasn’t continued by the Hamas Forces. Since then, Hamas has been fighting off Israel and Palestine has been fighting off Israel, simultaneously. Yet Israel doesn’t feel like giving up yet. In the Israel-Palestine & Gaza conflict, since 2008, around 5582 Palestinians/Gazans have lost their lives & 113,893 people have been injured severely. On the contrary, 249 Israelis have lost their lives, whereas 5,611 have been injured in the war.

Since the last couple of days, Israel has been carrying out attacks on Gaza. For fourteen continuous days, Israel has been dropping bombs in Gaza, mostly targeting Hamas shelters in the area. According to the reports, IDF tweeted saying “We hold Hamas responsible for all terror activity emanating from Gaza”

Israel has cut down the power, once again, which has resulted in a complete shutdown of Health Care Centers. Amid COVID-19, the attacks are also claiming lives, yet those suffering have nowhere to go. It is time that UN should sanction Israel over the Human Rights Abuses and the much-precendented war it has been carrying out in a comparatively weaker country.

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