Israeli Army Attacks Palestinian Village Yet Again

Israel yet again becomes the cause of destruction. Israeli Army attacked a Palestinian Village called Homsa al-Baqia, located in Jordan Valley.

Last Tuesday, the Israeli Army planned an attack on Palestinian village and caused destruction, once again. They ruined tents, sheds, portable toilets, and solar planets near Tubas in the Jordan Valley. Israel’s army has nearly demolished 80 Palestinian homes occupied in the West Bank.

The Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohammed Shtayyeh claimed that that the Israeli army after its attack on the village of Homsa al-Baqia left the place “completely demolished, leaving around 80 people homeless”.

Moreover, in their defense, the branch that is in charge of civilian affairs in The West Bank, COGAT, said that the Israeli army had only attacked the Palestinian village to destroy any structures that were built illegally in a firing zone, in the Jordan Valley.

As the Jordan Valley falls in the West Bank’s Area C that is fully under the control of the Israeli Army since 1967. Under Israeli rules, Palestinians are not allowed to build structures on the land without a permit, and they are hardly provided with a permit which is why demolition is common.

According to a Palestinian resident, who was living in the area, the Israeli gave the people 10 minutes to evacuate before they began attacking the Palestinian village. Once the time was up, they began bulldozing the area.

This attack carried out by the Israeli Army on the Palestinian village was rather unusual since too many homes were targeted all at once. “The wiping off of a whole community at once is extremely rare, and it seems like Israel was making use of the fact that everyone’s attention is currently set elsewhere to move forward with this inhumane act,” B’Tselem said in a statement, referring to the US presidential election.

In a separate statement B’Tselem stated, “while the world deals with the coronavirus crisis, Israel has devoted time and effort to harassing Palestinians instead of helping … residents living under its control”. According to their statistics, approximately 798 Palestinians have been left homeless this year due to attacks by the Israeli Army.

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