IU Ratiocination 2.0 Happening Soon

Ratiocination 2.0 will be an innovative and one-of-its-kind guest speaker session with entertainment and fun activities which will take place at IU, main campus.

We’ll tell you what’s the hype about. An event is happening by the name of Ratiocination this week at IU, Main Campus. The literal meaning of ratiocination is to think, reasoned train of thinking. This is what we’ll do this week along with other fun stuff. An event full of influential people who are ready to come and share their real-life experiences.

A similar event has happened in Iqra University and this just another version of it hence, it’s called Ratiocination 2.0. The event will be an innovative and one-of-its-kind guest speaker session with entertainment and fun activities. The guest speakers will include industry professionals, celebrities, bloggers/vloggers etc. This will be an absolute learning for students on how to transform a small level event into an enormous thing.

The aim of this event is to provide excellent industry learning, exposure and motivation to media students and to create a strong word-of-mouth of Iqra University nationwide. We go to universities and get all the necessary skills by studying there, but there’s very little exposure. That exposure is provided through such events.




The speakers at the event will be:
  1. Usman Mazhar
  2. Owais Rabbani
  3. Firdous Jamal
  4. Hamza Ibrahim
  5. Zeeshan Jamal
  6. Sidra Javed
  7. Rizwan Chaudhry
  8. Waris Aqeel

IU Ratiocination 2.0 - Runway Pakistan



They all are phenomenal in their respective fields. The best part is that there’s enough diversity within the speakers that will benefit the students. IU Ratiocination 2.0 may just be the event of the week because there’s a dedicated team behind it working tirelessly to bring the best pool of people on the stage. This event is being organized by students by students of a course named ‘event management’.

We’re glad to be a part of this event as we’re the official publications partners. There will be many other fillers on the day of the event for which you guys need to stay tuned. It’s going to be a great experience for everyone present there.

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