Syria – Turkey Conflicts on Hype

Syria has been again involved in a conflict, this time with Turkey. Turkish forces have reached the entered the area, with quite a number of bombardments. Here is an overview of what is happening in Syria.

Since the last eight days, Syria and Turkey have been involved in an aggressive conflict. Turkey wants to eliminate the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Kurds basically, who have taken control near the Turkish border. They took control and assumed governance after pushing out ISIS from the vicinity. The Kurds have been fighting along the US to get rid of ISIS in the battle. Turkey finds the Kurds on the border as a threat to their sovereignty. This has left US in a great dilemma. Because on one hand, Turkey has not only been a part of NATO but has been allied to US for long whereas on the other hand, Kurds fought on the front line against ISIS alongside US forces for long.


Although, US tried its best to bring peace in the Syria through ceasefire. Although, Erdogan has different plans. He told POTUS that “Turkey would not negotiate with a terrorist organization”, when offered mediation. Turkish President has also ruled out ceasefire in Syria completely. Russia, also has its stakes in the war. Russia, who has been a pro Assad since the beginning has brought in forces between the two confronting forces. Turkey, which hasn’t been listening to US is about to take an action now.

“I will be introducing sanctions against Turkey on Thursday and I do appreciate what the (Trump) administration has done against Turkey through executive actions, but more to follow” quoted Reuters.

Both the forces are accumulating in Manbij, as that is a crucial point for all the forces that have been part of way in Syria. Manbij is important as it is a local economic hub located besides M4 highway.

What happens next, is yet to see depending upon the situations in Syria and the negotiations, if any, between them.