Value of Lipton’s “Jagain Unke Liye Jo Waqai Ahem Hain” Today

Lipton's January Campaign "Jagain Unke Liye Jo Waqai Ahem Hain" is more important than ever now, as we spend more time with our loved ones while staying home.

In the campaign ad they released in January, Lipton’s aim was not to increase sales, but rather nudge the audience towards spending more time with what really matters, i.e. people. Lipton’s Jagain Unke Liye Jo Waqai Ahem Hain literally means Be Awake For Those Who Are Important.

Qawi Naseer, Marketing Manager, Beverages, Unilever Pakistan, stated, “The increasing chaos and stress in our lives have caused us to become more disengaged with our emotions than ever before. We are so caught up in our routine issues, big or small, that we forget to stop and think about what is really important: the people around us.”

This is especially important nowadays as we are facing a pandemic and are actually getting a chance to focus on our loved ones as we stay inside and practice social distancing whether it is in the form of watching shows and movies, playing board games, or cooking, etc.. Given this opportunity, we should spend as much time as possible rethinking our priorities and Lipton’s Jagain Unke Liye Jo Waqai Ahem Hain shared that message even before this pandemic began.

What was the Lipton’s Jagain Unke Liye Jo Waqai Ahem Hain About?

The ad started with a silent one-minute promo video called ‘Lipton Minute of Silence’, which put a Lipton Yellow Label pack in focus, with the message: “Zindagi ki halchal main itnay masroof hain, kabhi ruk ke socha hai waqai ahem kya hai?” (You are so caught up in being busy in life, have you ever stopped to think what is really important?) with a family spending time together in the background.

Photo: YouTube

The message was amplified by a TVC which showed a father and daughter playing together. Their playtime is interrupted by a call from work which the father has to attend to, after which he opens his laptop and begins working. Disappointed by this, the girl picks up a TV remote and uses it as a telephone to mimic her father, telling her teddy to play alone as she needs to work. Observing this while sipping his tea, the father realises what he has done and right away switches off his phone and laptop and continues playing with his daughter.

Naseer says the purpose of Jagain Unke Liye Jo Waqai Ahem Hain was to get audiences to ask themselves: “Am I prioritising my relationships and connections?” and that “the volume of organic conversations around this new message is a strong indication that Lipton is making an impact with this campaign.”


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