Jhal Magsi Rally Show 2019

Jhal Magsi is known for its terrains and muddy ground which best suits the Jhal Rally being organized since 2005. Here is about the show that took place in Karachi.

Located in the heart of Baluchistan, Jhal Magsi was a site unknown to all. Since the start of Rally, in 2005, Jhal Magsi is known to people all over Pakistan. The rally takes place every winter, where different cars participate to enjoy the rally rather than to win. Driving over 200 Kms, the rally consists of people from all over Pakistan.

However, not everyone has the chance to adore the cars in the race. Also, not all car lovers can reach Jhal Magsi in the rally. Hence, ‘Jhal Magsi Desert Challenge 2019’ organized an event in Karachi. The event consisted of all the motor sports lover in the city. Apart from those who love sports, the drivers who participate in the rally were also present there. The event took place at Moin Khan Academy, so the spacious area gave opportunity to the vehicle owners to display their automobiles. And oh my my, the vehicles were astonishing. Ranging from modified trucks to high maintenance vehicles like Rolls Royce, the car show had all there. Well not to forget the eye catching Mustang Ford, Bentley, Ferrari, Ford, Audi, Mercedes and many more. You name it, you get to see it there.

The event was well managed and equally entertaining. There was a special appearance of  Chief Minister Baluchistan, Jam Kamal Khan, who himself has been a part of rally earlier. There were celebrities riding their Harley Davidson in the park, which included Aijaz Aslam and Faysal Qureshi. And if someone was hungry or thirsty, there were food stalls installed at the entrance of Moin Khan Acedemy.

All in all, the event was a complete hit. With sports cars revving and Harley hovering all around, Jhal Magsi is astonishing for sure. We hope to see more events as such.

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