The top five dishes to have during the winters

The winter is fast approaching and this article helps to explore some of the five best dishes for people to have this winter.

The beginning of the month also marks the beginning of the Winter season. While the temperature drops and the weather becomes more cold, it also acts as a relief from the dry and humid weather we experience most of the year. The arrival of winter also means that it gives us a chance to enjoy some warm and cozy food. This article highlights the five most popular food items enjoyed by average Pakistanis during the winters.



One of the most loved dishes in the country and eaten at several festive occasions, this is one spic dish that acts as a special delicacy that one can indulge in during the cold winter days. Preferably one should have it with naan and roti. Some of the more popular places around Karachi where one can find some amazing paaye include Malik’s Restaurant at Alamgir Road.



Another traditional Pakistani favourite is Haleem. Made from meat and lentils, this dish is best enjoyed with naan and roti as well. The dish is highly popular at dinner parties across the country. The dish itself is quite filling and helps to keep one’s body warm. There are several places across the cities serving up some delicious Haleem dishes such as Karachi Haleem located near Burnes Road.

Aloo Ka Paratha:


This is seen as one of the more popular comfort snacks across the country. It is definitely a favourite dish among people of all ages and can be enjoyed during any time and period of the year. However, its warm spicy potato stuffing makes it a preferable winter dish for many Pakistanis. The dish is enjoyed best with a spicy chutney accompanied with it.

Gaajar Ka Halwa:



A sweet delicacy that is enjoyed by millions across the country. It is usually served at different special occasions and festivities. Made from carrots, milk and sugar, this sweet dish makes for an amazing winter dish for local residents to indulge in.

Halwa Puri:


This is a dish that is immensely popular among Pakistanis and is usually eaten during breakfast. Although the dish can be had during any time of the day, it is best enjoyed during a cold and breezy winter morning.

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