Zayn Malik Supports Malala Fund

Malala Fund fights for educational rights of women. Zayn shared a video of it in a tweet and showed his through his platform.

I’m sure many people already know Malala and her struggles. She’s an activist and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Malala is an inspiration for many young girls who are striving to get an education. For this purpose, she founded an NGO called Malala Fund. It’s an amazing initiative that supports the rights of women. They believe that everyone should receive 12 years of free education and that girls want nothing more than equality.

Zayn Malik, the ex-band member of One Direction, shared a video of Malala Fun to show his support. He shared it on Giving Tuesday, which is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It shows that he supports every girl’s right to get an education. His tweet made his fans fall in love with him all over again and it surely melted our hearts as well.

Malala has also struggled and fought against discrimination. She’s using her voice to amplify the voices of other such girls who are suppressed. Malala also thanked Zayn for his kind gesture as not many people use their fame to raise awareness.

Stats suggest that over 130 million girls are out of schools and deprived of basic education. This breaks my heart. We’re very privileged because most of us have it easy. The ones struggling know the importance and value of these little things that we often fail to realize. Malala Fund is all about helping such girls and fight for them and make them realize that they’re not alone in this. Check out their website to know more.

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