The 8th Crafter’s Expo 2019 | Highlights

This year's Crafter's Expo marks the 8th anniversary of this event. It's an expo where many crafters and artists showcase their talent.

The 8th Crafter’s expo took place on Sunday. We were the exclusive publications partners for this event and it gave us immense happiness to see all these young entrepreneurs. Women and men of all ages were a part of this event, and we saw over 120 crafters and artists. The event had crafters of all sorts and I was amazed to see resin art pieces at the expo too. It was very well organized and everything was sectioned out very neatly. Here are some stalls that caught my eye:

Beauty & the Best Co.

This was located in one of the three conjoined halls on the first floor. When I entered, I could see the handmade soaps section right in front of me. They had lots of different varieties of handmade and organic soaps. They even had homemade laundry detergent which was something new and interesting for me. The best part about their stall was that they were supporting Zindagi Trust by giving 25% of the proceeds to them. Here’s a snap of their stall.

Beauty and Bath

I met this lovely lady Zehra from Beauty and Bath. She explained to me that all these yummy looking products were actually soaps! Cake slices and cupcake shaped soaps were the cutest. She had a variety of soaps for different skin types. She also makes scrubs and bath bombs, which I saw in her brochure. Overall, I think the products were very attractive.

Glitter & Swirls

This was a stall that had handmade cards. It was almost hard for me to believe that they were handmade because of the details and precision. Each card was made by hand and the attention to detail was spectacular. I even picked up a few to look at them closely. The girl behind this brand was very sweet and we had a little chitchat while I was there. She had various papercrafts such as cards, photo albums and so much more.

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Posted by Glitter & Swirls on Thursday, April 4, 2019


Embellidors is a handmade gifts and greetings startup. The girl behind it, Ramsha, is a student of AIFD. I was happy to see her stall as juggling two things together is quite a challenge. She had handmade jewellery displayed at the event. I could see different types of necklaces and earrings at her stall.

Everything That’s Creative

The girl behind ETC was too kind. Their stall had very funky stuff. Truck art inspired notebooks, key chains, pens, photo frames, magnets and a lot of other cool stuff too. She had stuff made out of very vibrant colors that just instantly stood out.

Posted by RUNWAY PAKISTAN on Sunday, December 1, 2019

Occasion Bells

Sarah Rahim is a very talented crafter. She’s the owner of Occasion Bells, which is an event planning and gift wrapping company. We met her at the expo and she was kind enough to explain to us everything she had displayed that day. She had beautiful embellishments, gift boxes for corporate giveaways, boxes for wrapping Nikkah suits and giveaways and many other cool stuff too

Posted by Occasion Bells on Sunday, December 1, 2019

We are Very

We are Very was a stall that was displaying such pretty scented candles. Masooma Raza, the co-founder and creative head, explained the products. These candles were in glass jar and had different flavors, scents and sizes. You could choose from such a huge variety. These were one of the cutest products I saw.

Posted by RUNWAY PAKISTAN on Sunday, December 1, 2019

Abstract Craze

As I entered the third hall, I saw this stall called Abstract Craze by Wajiha. She’s a very talented painter who showcased her talented at the expo. She had different things such as some platters and other decor items which were all hand-painted. The abstract art paintings were very eye-catching as well. Loved the beautiful art pieces.

Creator’s Community

Creator’s Community had these amazing pieces made out of resin art. I have seen very few people master this technique of creating things with resin. They had clocks, coasters, necklaces, keychains and many other things made out of resin. The one thing which I really liked was the resin table. It was a small side table that was made out of wood and resin. The girl behind this brand told me about the whole process and I could tell how hard she worked on it.


Resin art really fascinates and that’s why I stopped at another stall by the Resinairs. They also had amazing pieces which included coasters, jewelry and many other stuff. They really worked hard on these pieces. I absolutely loved their coasters because of the color. It was a deep blue color and the resin made it look so mesmerizing.

Beads Desired

Beads desired had the most amazing jewelry. They had authentic stones displayed at the event along with other jewelry. All the jewelry stalls were situated in a separate hall. I didn’t get the time to talk to them much but I really liked their collection. I don’t think many people had original stones over there. The variety they had was just superb.

Posted by RUNWAY PAKISTAN on Sunday, December 1, 2019


Essiz is owned by Umber Tanveer. She’s a very humble lady. I visited her stall and she told me that she’s the designer. She gets all the clothes herself, designs them and gets them stitched. She also had unstitched cloth over there for men. I also saw her kids collection, she had kurta and shalwars for little baby boys. Really loved her clothes and she seemed very dedicated as well.


Posted by ESSIZ on Saturday, November 30, 2019


Denim jackets by Sundae at crafters expo were something that I was excited about. Some had laces and other embellishments to enhance the look. I was eager to see what other stuff they had, so I asked the girl standing there with the stall. She was kind enough to show me all of their products and I think they were kinda cool. I think if anyone wants to stand out of the crowd, then this place is perfect. Revamp your wardrobe with these denim jackets this season and I’m sure you won’t regret.

Rung Mahal Printing Studio

Last but not the least, I saw this stall which had these amazing block-printed stuff. I could see some tie-dyed dupattas too. I asked the owner if she’s on Instagram to which she replied that she’s not right now but is considering making an account.

Posted by RUNWAY PAKISTAN on Sunday, December 1, 2019


To sum it up, I would say that this expo was amazing. I could see months of hard work displayed over there and all of them were just thrilled to showcase their work. Kudos to Varah, the girl behind this whole expo, who has worked day and night to make these events a dream come true for many crafters and artists. This 8th Crafter’s Expo was mind-blowing and each year we only see it growing more.

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