Karachi Matters to Those Living Here

Karachi has been a victim of Political differences and irresponsible organizations. It is time to get out on streets and fight for your rights. To us all, Karachi Matters.

What Karachi has been portrayed as in the last couple of decades, is no more than a picture of destruction. With broken roads, poor drainage system, and streetlights that never light up, it seems like there is no proper administration in the city. Thefts, murders, rape, and a series of injustice proves how justice has lately been sleeping all together here. Yet people of Karachi don’t want to leave their beloved city. They have no intention to leave and move away from their own hometown.

But the youth has had enough of it. The youth needs and wants to get out. They are tired of the way things have been lately. There are people who were stuck on roads in the recent rainfalls. There are people who actually drowned and passed away on the roads. The city is in a state of mess. And it is none other than the people of Karachi, who should be blamed for it. If only, people would have stood against the oppression in Karachi, things would have been better by now.


But as they say, it is better late than never. There had to be a time when people would have come out and protest against the current government. Protest against organizations responsible for tracking the law and order situation in the city. And mostly to protest against the basic human rights violation in the city. Hence, the students have raised their voice. A page by the name of ‘Karachi Matters’ is hosting a protest against whatever has been happening in Karachi recently.

Are you with them, or you would still want to test your patience in times of distress?

Protest Information:

6th September 2020 | Karachi Press Club | 04.30 PM

Karachi Matters can be found on Facebook & Instagram too.

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