Karachi Zoo to Get an Addition of New Animals

City Administrator, Laeeq Ahmed, announced on Monday 29th December that the Karachi Zoo will be experiencing and addition of new animals into the vicinity. A natural habitat will be mimicked for all animals added.

Addressing the media at Frere Hall, Mr. Ahmed said that the zoo will ensure strict maintenance checks with the addition of new animals, and the black bears present at Karachi zoo will be shifted into a suitable habitat in compliance with the orders from the Sindh High Court.

Moreover, City Administrator, went onto say that the Karachi zoo is not only a source of entertainment for the public but it is also a means of education for children and students. With the addition of new animals, they will get to learn about different species.

“The purpose of zoos around the world is to create awareness about animals,” he said. He further encouraged NGOs and the private sector to work with the administration and cooperate in upgrading the Karachi zoo for its addition of new animals.

However, these are really big claims by the City Administrator. A zoo is in no way educational, it displays an image that animals are meant to be captive which is wrong in so many ways. Animals are not a source of entertainment and they should not be used as one- the Karachi zoo authorities should learn from the Islamabad zoo, as it is being converted into a wildlife conservation center.

Karachi Zoo and its addition of new animals should be moved into a sanctuary, or the zoo must change its practices and turn into a conservation center. It is what is ethically and morally correct.

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