Karachiites Gear Up For Another Chilly Week

If you live in Karachi, then you know that winters are never this extreme here. But this year, Karachiites have experienced the lowest ever temperature.

If you live in Karachi then you know that winters are never this extreme here. Winters for Karachiites are pleasant and very calm. The weather is very soothing and not piercing through your chest to the point where you’re shivering to death. But this time, winters are just a bit too cold and out of our comfort zone. For someone like myself who has lived my whole life here, it’s a lot to handle.


I never had issues with wearing layers of clothing to protect myself from the weather in Karachi. It has been reported that this city experienced one of the coldest winter days in history with temperature dropping to 9°C. Now that’s quite cold for us normally because the temperature doesn’t drop that low. It’s also reported that it’s likely to stay like this for a few more days.

Apparently the Siberian winds have taken the whole city under their spell. The speed of the winds has been recorded to be between 32 km to 35 km per hour said Sindh Chief Meteorological Officer Sardar Sarfaraz. Balochistan and Sindh may also experience rain due to western winds entering Balochistan from Iran on 3rd January.

The temperatures in other major cities recorded are;  Islamabad 2°C, Peshawar 3°C, Muzaffarabad 1°C, Quetta -2°C, Murree and G-B -1°C, respectively. Quetta has seen -10°C as the lowest temperature this season with first snowfall as of yesterday.

I think many regions and cities this year have experienced the lowest temperatures and broke records. But I’m concerned about Karachiites being one myself. Gear up for the cold weather ’cause it’s not going away any soon.

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