Kareena Kapoor Was The First Choice For The Lead Role In ‘Verna’, Says Haroon Shahid

Bollywood star couldn't be part of the 2017 released film 'Verna' allegedly due to her unavailability, hence Mahira Khan came on board.

Actor and singer Haroon Shahid dropped a bombshell revelation about his debut movie, ‘Verna‘ in a recent appearance on ‘Life Green Hai’. According to Haroon, director Shoaib Mansoor’s initial choice for the female lead in the film was none other than Bollywood sensation Kareena Kapoor.

Haroon, who was already making waves in the television drama scene, eagerly accepted the offer to star in Verna, thrilled at the prospect of sharing the screen with an international superstar, “Shoaib had told me that Kareena would be in it.” 

However, his excitement was short-lived as Kareena allegedly became unavailable due to her pregnancy with her first child.

“Kareena was supposed to be in the film, but then she was expecting, so she couldn’t do it,” Haroon explained. With Kareena out of the picture, the role eventually went to Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who portrayed the character of Sara in the film.

Director Shoaib’s ‘Verna‘, released in 2017, delves into dark themes as it follows the journey of a woman seeking justice after being subjected to rape and abduction. The film explores the profound impact of trauma on her relationships and society at large.

While we’ll never know the cinematic magic that might have unfolded with Kareena on board, ‘Verna‘ stands tall as a gripping narrative that captivates audiences with its raw emotion and social commentary.