Lahore Police Reduces FIRs to Hide Crimes

Report shows that the Lahore Police has been hiding

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In a recent report released sent by Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) to the Punjab Inspector General of Police Shoaib Dastgir, it was revealed that the Lahore Police has not been registering FIRs for up to 72% of the crimes that are being called in. These crimes were verified by the various police stations across the city.

According to the statistics from January 1st to March 7th of 2020, the police lodged FIRs on only 2,163, out of total 9,881 verified calls made by the crime victims, which are only 28% of the total cases. Most of the cases that are not reported are related to motorcycle theft and robberies, i.e. Street Crimes.

Statistics Relating Number of Calls and FIRs Registered

PSCA reported the number of FIRs registered on the number of calls received during the first 9 weeks (January 1 to March 7) by the Lahore Police are as follows:

  • Week 1: 265 FIRs on 819 calls (32.36%),
  • Week 2: 300 FIRs on 852 calls (35.21%)
  • Week 3: 260 FIRs on 889 calls(28.9%),
  • Week 4: 262 FIRs on 762 calls (34.38%),
  • Week 5: 226 FIRs on 757 calls (29.85%),
  • Week 6: 307 FIRs on 906 calls (33.8%),
  • Week 7: 284 FIRs on of 876 calls (32.42%)
  • Week 8: 91 FIRs only on 1,027 calls (8.86%)
  • Week 9: 168 FIRs only on 822 calls (20.44%)

Furthermore, if the cases are looked at Division-wise from January 1 to March 7, then the statistics are as follows:

  • City Division: 471 FIRs out of 1,614 calls (29.18%)
  • Cantt Division: 319 FIRs on 1,435 verified calls (22.22%)
  • Civil Lines Division: 214 FIRs on 714 calls (29.97%)
  • Iqbal Town Division: 317 FIRs on 828 calls (38.29%)
  • Model Town Division: 337 FIRs on 1,403 calls (24.02%)
  • Saddar Division: 505 FIRs on 1,725 calls (29.28%)

Recommendations given by the PSCA to Lahore Police:

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Dolphin Squad
  1. Verification of the statement of the callers, which can be done through the actual report of the police officer on the ground
  2.  For the Street Crimes and Vehicle Thefts, IGP can enhance targeted patrol and ensure presence by Dolphin Squad and Police Response Units in areas reported
  3. Communication between the public and the police needs to be increased
  4. Efficiency of the police should be measured in performance indicators other than the FIRs, so that the Lahore Police (or any police department) doesn’t try to hide the crimes happening in the city.


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