Lawyers Will Be Protesting Countrywide

Lawyers will be going on a strike all around Pakistan, as to protest for the release of those who have been captured in PIC incident.

On Wednesday, several Lawyers stormed into Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC). They did so as to avenge to what happened with a lawyer at that hospital at PIC. They had broken the line and wanted to buy medicines. This resulted in a scoff between him and young doctors. As to avenge what happened, the doctors came in to the hospital. Be it male or female lawyers, they brought down the entire hospital. Not only this, they also harmed patients admitted there. According to reports six to ten people have been killed in the hospital incident. Not only this, they also vandalized police mobiles. Moreover, the lawyers mistreated those passing by and kept on firing on the road.

Rangers took over the city and they arrested several lawyers. Which wasn’t fair, according to other lawyers in the country. The audacity. Now, as to protest against the lawyer’s arrest, Pakistan Bar Council called for a countrywide strike on Friday. The lawyers are not willing to fight a case today. According to them they have gone on strike, because police has been torturing the arrested lawyers. However, the request for physical remand had been turned down by Anti-Terrorism Court.

If we think about an opinion here, we as a country, have failed miserably. The lawyers who actually murdered 10 people, want justice for what? For a lawyer who was beaten because of breaking a line? And does killing patients justify it in any way? I highly doubt that.

Putting them in jail isn’t justifiable, true. Actually, they should be hanged. Why? Because all they did was kill human beings, including other violation of laws. Everyone should taste the taste of their own medicine in today’s world.

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