Malala and Asser Malik Address Some Rumours

Malala and Asser Malik made a humorous video of themselves responding to remarks people made about their marriage on Instagram.

Malala and Asser Malik have been wedded for a full year, and with a woman of her stature throughout the world, rumours about her spouse were unavoidable. The couple prepared a humorous video of themselves responding to remarks left by others and joked around with Malik’s name, his good looks, and his liberalism.

They posted a video of themselves sitting next to one other on Wednesday with the comment that there is some significant news regarding their first anniversary.  By making it appear as though they were about to discuss something important, they attempted to play a combined hoax on the audience. “There’s something really important we need to tell you” but soon their words stumbled and out came the bloopers, “we’ve been married for one year and on our anniversary”  before they eventually said that they wish to address certain criticisms.

“I can’t wait for everyone who, not wrongly, fancies Malala’s husband to say he isn’t worth sh*t when they find out he’s 5’7,” Malala stated while reading from a card. Malik corrected the individual and said, “Guys, I’m 5’11, okay, 5’11.” Malala added sarcastically, “But not 6.”

Asser Malik read the subsequent remark  “Paul Rudd is the sexiest man alive. Me and every woman I know: actually Malala’s husband,”  he remarked. He made a reference to a feature as a newspaper featuring him on the cover scrolled across the screen, “People Magazine if you’re listening.”

Malala was eager to read the following one, and it is clear why. She read the caption, chuckling, “Malala’s husband is so hot, I can’t believe growing up people said boys wouldn’t like you if you’re a feminist and then Malala said actually that’s not true,”

The following option was between a light roast and something nourishing; Malik chose the latter. The comment read “Malala’s husband really is tagging along to all important events with her, taking pics must be so fun for him.” He stopped before saying, matter-of-factly, “Yeah”.

The most recent attempt was to change Malik’s name because his marriage to Malala has significantly shaped who he is, particularly in the eyes of the general public. Because I’ve already forgotten his name, Malala said, “From now on can everyone refer to Malala’s husband as Malala’s husband or perhaps he can change his last name to Malala because I have forgotten his name already,”  She joked, “Guys, I thought we were calling him Mr Malala.”

The final one featured Malik mocking his wife in good fun. Before reading something only he could have written, he commented that this one might be the worst one yet. “Why does Malala overpack her suitcases every single time and make her husband carry them? ”

Last November, the couple exchanged vows. A tiny nikkah ceremony was held at the Yousafzai home in Birmingham between Malala, the Nobel laureate, and Malik, the general manager of the PCB’s High-Performance Centre. She posted images from the nikkah on social media, describing it as a precious day in her life.

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