Mangoes Rot on Taftan Border as Containers Lined

Babar Khan Durrani sent a message to the Pakistani Government on the behalf of the exporters and farmers, as the mangoes stuck at the Taftan Border rot and our economy loses out more money.

It has been reported that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Taftan border is only opening for 3 days a week – this means that the mangoes being exported from Pakistan are reducing in numbers, and the one already sent are rotting in the containers lined at Taftan border. On the behalf of the exporters, Babar Khan Durrani from the Durrani Group of Companies has sent a message to appeal to save them and the farmers.

Babar Khan mentions that the biggest issue for exporters at the moment are the mangoes lying containers from Pakistan at the Taftan border for the past 3 days. “Mangoes have a short shelf life and they are lying in heat right now without any proper shade.”

“Please save the exporters and farmers that have exported those containers. If one exporter loses out, then there are 10 families that lose out along with him. Hence, I urge the Government of Pakistan to address this and urgently take an action so that the export can be sent to Iran.”

Pakistan is already facing tough times when it comes to the economy. With the reduction in the interest rates, it has already lost much of the hot money investment that had flowed in the economy.

However, as Pakistan is still very heavily reliant on the agricultural sector, losing out on exports such as mangoes can only prove to be a disaster for Pakistan’s current account. Reportedly, there is a loss of $70,000 on a daily basis due to the containers being lined up on the Taftan border. Because of this, Pakistan is losing out on the crucial foreign exchange that we need during the pandemic to keep up our reserves.

Time is of the essence; as Babar mentioned, mangoes do not have a long shelf life, and will require urgent care, especially since the mangoes are being kept in the heat (as shown in the Samaa News video).

The Taftan border is being operated so strictly reportedly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, because of that, Pakistan is now losing out on their economy more than ever in the form of rotting mangoes.


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