Mansha Pasha drags model over her ‘jab me too hota hai’ reply, starting a feud

A week back, Mansha Pasha dragged Sadaf Kanwal, Momina Mustehsan and Hira Mani in a SINGLE post, claiming that women need to carry themselves in a more reputable and conscious manner.



Mansha’s tweet refers to Sadaf Kanwal’s triggering and completely hurtful reply when asked about her stance on the “Me Too” movement; “You know aap ke saath Me Too jab ho, tab boldo. Baad mein apko yaad aa raha hai Me Too. So, I think jab ho boldo,” she said. She further kept referring to ‘sexual harassment’ as Me Too throughout the conversation.

Needless to say, Sadaf Kanwal didn’t let her go scot-free, choosing to reply rather immaturely, further proving what Mansha had said.

Despite the saltiness she received, Mansha ended the supposed ‘feud’ in a commendably respectful manner, posting an Instagram story about how she was always ready to learn from her peers and seniors.

She also mentioned how maintaining the glamour of the media industry was essential but focus also needed to be placed on real-world issues.

And then ended on a message that made us all say PREACH GURL.

Hopefully, this will make celebrities realize they are public figures who must carry the burden of maintaining a respectable and empathetic image at all times rather than being insensitive to real-world issues just because they are sheltered from them.