Burger Cakes At Burger Lab!

Birthday cakes are too mainstream. How about a burger cake?

Celebrating birthday makes the birthday person feel special as it signifies a new beginning and the joy of life. A birthday is an important and momentous occasion as it is a time to celebrate, reflect and give thanks.

Usually people cut a cake at birthdays, which is too mainstream. It is too normal and is pretty much expected to be done all the time at every birthday party.

The purpose should be to make the other person feel special about their existence and that can be done anyhow through different ideas and not just by cutting a cake birthday. People should generate new ideas and think of stuff that is out of the box.


Syeda Gohar, our Pakistani fellow citizen had an important family member’s birthday coming up a few days ago so she decided that she is going to celebrate it in such a way that is going to be different, new and beautiful in its own way that it would make the birthday person feel special about it.

She thought a lot about it and in the end she came up with a solution of having something according to that person’s likeliness, which was a burger. Yes, a BURGER!

She researched a lot about it and had mixed reviews regarding it. Some of them were ready to do it but not as per her accordance and some just could not. So she got in touch with Burgerlab to make a ‘Burger Cake’.

Later on she contacted their R&D head, Mr Taha. He told her that they’ve never done anything as such before but they are really excited to attempt this experiment and they would give their best shot. Syeda Gohar was a little worried about how this would turn out to be as they themselves have never done it before.


When the birthday arrived, she went to pick it up and she was surprised! The whole staff was engaged while helping one another to work on the burger. She was so happy to see them all as much concerned about the birthday cake as she herself was. The whole staff was so co-operating and very much dedicated towards their task.

When she took the burger cake to her house, everyone was so happy to see it and they all appreciated her for such a creative idea. According to her, words cannot describe how amazing that burger was. BurgerLab’s hard work actually paid off.



She is totally speechless about the quality of the burger as it was so delicious and so perfect! The patty was cooked perfectly, the cheese had melted perfectly and the sauces were a cherry on top!!
Burger lab made the occasion awesome!

Burger Lab has never failed to satisfy their customers. They have got a lot of mouthwatering options for burgers at reasonable prices and their services are on point as well. Their staff is pretty hardworking and they try their best to overcome the expectations of their customers. We wish all the best to Burger Lab for the future endeavors!


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