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Lynched by an angry mob three years ago, Mashal Khan's memory lives amongst us as we fight against the injustice within our systems. #RememberingMashalKhan

Mashal Khan was murdered three years ago on this day. He was killed by an angry mob over allegations of blasphemous content posted online. The mob attacked him in university premises and eventually took his life. Investigations took place and many people belonging to that mob were arrested. However, the police mentioned after carrying out investigations:

“We did not find any concrete evidence under which [a blasphemy] investigation or legal action can be launched against Mashal, Abdullah or Zubair”

However, it was too late and the deed had been done by the perpetrators. 1 out of the 57 arrested received a death penalty, 5 received lifetime imprisonment and the rest were either acquitted due to lack of evidence or received few years jail time. Many people raised their voices against the heinous crime committed within the premises of the university.

Today, people are remembering him and the injustice he faced. Murdered over allegations and peers are still fighting for justice. #RememberingMashalKhan is trending on Twitter where the Twitterati are sharing their thoughts and prayers for him.

Tawab Ghorzang tweeted:

“Mashal is light, beauty, bravery, flair, everything that brings a smile. Mashal is a fight against bigotry and hope which died but has risen like a phoenix from the ashes. #RememberingMashalKhan

Another tweeted along with a verse that he wrote:

“3 yrs back I wrote this which still feels relevant
“Na aman hai, Na insaaf hai aur na hai koi qanoon ki pasdari,
Yeh woh basti hai jahan har koi khuda bana phirta hai”
Sad state, we never set a precedent or any step in right direction to prevent this

Let’s all remember Mashal Khan in our prayers today for what he endured. May his family’s agony is reduced and his soul rests in peace. Ameen.

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