Mehwish Hayat Bears The Brunt Of Toxic Online Comments

Mehwish Hayat has been at the receiving end of multiple hateful comments online for her choice of dressing at the Lux Style Awards.

Mehwish Hayat has become the center of controversy lately on social media.

The iconic actress has become the brunt of many jokes and hateful comments online as a result of her dress choices.

On Sunday, the Lux Style Awards took place and have since created a buzz online, which was mostly negative.

Many went on to insult and shame the actresses for their choice of dressing at the event. Pictures of the red carpet were circulating online and many actresses were badly trolled by people.

A similar fate awaited Mehwish Hayat, who dazzled the red carpet on Sunday. She donned a stunning marron gown as well as a heavily embellished golden attire, that garnered her lots of praises.

However, on social media, people ridiculed her and often resorted to using insanely crass language. The comments were filled with lots of character assassination, slut shaming and transphobia. Many even went as far as to question the actress’s religious convictions.

Here are just some of comments from the actress’s Instagram account. Be advised that the comments you will view below are really offensive.

The hateful nature of these comments highlight the bigotry that our actresses go through for their life choices.

Mansha Pasha herself took to Twitter to denounce the horrible comments by the masses towards the actresses.

We hope that one day, celebrities like Hayat can freely do what they want without any public scrutiny. That they no longer have to be at the end of vilification by the masses.

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