Milano- Delectable fast-food at its best!

Eating out becomes a task on its own when you’re having those lazy days but are still on the look-out for a scrumptious meal. We were having one of those days at the office and decided to order in from the good old classic fast food joint, Milano, famous for its pizzas burgers and more!

Crispy Chicken Burger

Don’t be fooled by the name,This is not your typical chicken burger, and is a definite standout! The crisp coating on the patty is thoroughly seasoned as well with iceberg lettuce and Milano’s special mayo sauce.If you’re searching for the perfect crispy chicken burger, look no further. This is it!


Next up we ordered the pizza-roll which is a twist on the typical calzone, though we were a bit skeptical about ordering this, given Milano is famous for its burgers and pizza the most. However, we were glad to have opted for this! A truly wholesome pizza roll which was stuffed to the brim with delectable vegetables and perfectly marinated chicken chunks and oozing cheese all wrapped together in the calzone bread!

Grilled Chicken Cheeseburger

This had a perfectly succulent grilled chicken patty with a melted slice of cheddar and ample mayo-lettuce spread on the burger-served with extra crunchy fries making it a perfectly delicious meal.


We also ordered the club sandwich, which comes along with an ample amount of hand-cut fries.
The club sandwich was a three-layered sandwich; complete with egg, cheese, vegetables and loads of chicken! You’ll be stuffed to the brim with this sandwich and left equally pleased!

The delivery service is impeccable with the food delivered piping hot in neatly packed containers, what more could one ask for? If you’re in search for the perfect fast food joint which doesn’t burn a hole in the wallet-Milano is your best bet, So order away!