Mohib Mirza Talks About Life With Sanam Saeed

Mohib Mirza spoke candidly about his breakup with his ex-wife Aamina Sheikh, his daughter, and his new relationship with Sanam Saeed on a podcast.

A lot is going on in actors’ lives that you might not be aware of. To continue engaging their audience, celebrities frequently keep their private lives and relationships a secret. In a webcast, actor Mohib Mirza discussed his struggles—both personal and professional—and how, encircled by the people he loves, he has grown as a person. He also appeared to confirm his relationship with Sanam Saeed.

Mohib Mirza made an appearance on a podcast on December 28 with Munib Nawaz, a childhood buddy and fashion designer, where they talked about all the things he might have done things differently, such as his early life, his relationships with others, his vulnerabilities, the value of speaking up about insecurities, his experience making movies, and counting his blessings.

The host questioned Mirza about whether having the life he does now was ever an ambition, like making movies or winning an award like the Oscar. Mirza stated:

“I don’t think I had a specific image in mind. But some small elements from it were my goals. The rest you know every single day we’re evolving and it [our brain] is like an open sea, desires and wishes never seem to end. Just like that, whatever I manifested and dreamt of deserves to come true, be it the good things you want or the fear that you end up manifesting. The rest, if I have to say, I’ve been blessed with what I was and have been given, not just the fame but also got to work with the kind of stuff I always wanted to do.”

As a professional actor, Mirza explained that one of his anxieties would be going behind schedule and not being able to complete certain responsibilities by the deadline. When asked about his earlier self and his aspirations, Mirza spoke up about his former romance with star Aamina Sheikh.

“When I met Aamina, my focus was ‘she’s the one’ and I was in love with her and then came marriage and all the other things after that, as they should. We had a great, great partnership and everything was going fine, we had a daughter and after that, we started to grow differently,” he said in the podcast.

“I had never imagined that things wouldn’t work out between us. Eventually, I came to realise, it happens with everybody and those who say it doesn’t, are just talking rubbish. I was with her for 12 to 13 years in a marriage and we had a falling out afterwards. It wasn’t our partnership that was the issue but the things that we did in our daily life related to work. Like, for example, if I’m in Skardu for 90 days and I’m filming Dukhtar, so what I learnt at that time spiritually and emotionally and the direction I grew towards, we didn’t align.”

Regarding his daughter, Mirza revealed that Sheikh had chosen to keep him from seeing her for the past five years. The actor responded that being away from his kid was the hardest thing he had ever gone through. He didn’t want a grown child to experience what we see available on the internet because of him or the instances we have seen on social media. He added a lesson he had learned he worked hard enough and with the rational thinking he has, what occurs on social media is preferable if the kid grows up and realises things on her own, and if not then it’s extremely bad.

The subject of his recent romantic history then came up. Nawaz enquired of Mirza how he managed to meet Saeed. He said  Sanam denotes a cherished, and Mohib denotes a lover. He said he didn’t feel like he needed to add anything else.

“It’s not easy for either of us to give it another try. Especially if you realise the one more time factor, if you want to start a new chapter then [that’s what] you want to do this time. Correction is for those who want to correct things, those who understand the value of relationships and want to understand them. Not someone who never accepts their mistakes and finds themselves right in every situation.”

In her 2022 rewind Instagram video, Saeed also provided a brief insight into her current relationship, which included some vacation photos with Mirza and private moments with her relatives.

Saeed and Mirza last appeared in a professional project, Ishrat Made in China, which also starred Sara Loren, comedian Mani, Shamoon Abbasi, Ali Kazmi, Nayyer Ejaz, designer HSY, and Shabbir Jan. Mirza, who was last seen in Neeli Zinda Hai, has also made a comeback to television. Prior to it, he appeared in the short films Full Circle, Dil Ruba, and Dushman-e-Jaan.

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